Titan was founded on a culturally driven organizational structure that focuses on integrity, quality, family and especially a commitment to safety.

Committed to an Injury-and Incident-free Workplace

At Titan, employee safety is a top priority. We understand the importance of our crews feeling safe on the job and how vital safety is to the completion of every client project.

Titan is committed to an injury-and incident-free workplace and believes all injuries are preventable. We believe a safe working environment requires open communication, accountability, ownership and a personal commitment by every member of the team.

Identifying and minimizing risk for our team and our customers is essential to the success of every project. Titan’s proactive approach to safety and risk management is driven by:

  • A “never compromise” safety commitment from our leadership team
  • Developing Safety Programs and conducting ongoing Safety Training
  • Programs and plans that clearly define safety requirements and expected
    performance as it relates to safety measures
  • Formal and frequent communications between crews and project leaders

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